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Other name in world : Asbestos Jointing Sheet, Compressed Asbestos Fiber Jointing Sheet, CAF Gasket Sheet, Asbestos Sheet, Asbestos Jointing,
Non-Asbestos Jointing Sheets are made of special non-asbestos heat-resisting fiber, heat-resisting packing material,and special nature or NBR rubber compound heating and compression molding it.
AH3710 Non-Asbestos Joint Sheet are made of the frame materials including aramid fiber and synthetic mineral fiber after special proportioning with oil-resistant rubber...
The other name: No-asbestos beater paper, no-asbestos emulsion sheet, no-asbestos latex paper, no-asbestos paper.
Other name: Asbestos composite Gasket Sheet, asbestos composite sheet, Reinforced asbestos sheet, Composite beater sheet, asbestos beater sheet.
This series include: Styrene Butadiene Rubber Sheet (SBR), Nitrile Rubber Sheet (NR), Neoprene Rubber Sheet (CR),
Asbestos cloth ( asbestos fabric ) dusted : Interwoven from asbestos warp and weft yarns(made of long asbestos fiber by dry technics)...
PTFE Braided Packing : Braided from pure PTFE yarn without any lubrication. It is soft, mainly for static sealing.
Reflex glasses is made from Borosilicate, It can be used with all media except steam at service conditions up to 6MPa and temperature up to 430 °C.

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